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Shosh. 18. I try to make the best of things and stay cute.

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a magician asks you to pick a card - any card, in fact. you do. they ask you to put the card back in the pack - anywhere in the pack, in fact. you do. they walk away. ten years later, your wife gives birth to the six of clubs. “is this your card?” the midwife asks, in a familiar voice.

what the fuck

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did you just say the n word?

white person:


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the expression “i cant say that with a straight face” comes from the fact that straight people have no sense of humour and cant tell jokes

um can you not?

are you straight because I’m sensing a lack of sense of humor

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i really wanna be in a movie but on the other hand, i’d probably make them delete the every scene because i looked bad

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During Job interview: I love working with people, I’m very outgoing, social, I’m very patient and I love to help in any way I can, and I also think the customer is always right and deserves to be treated with respect 

After Job interview: 


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